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Students and enthusiasts of Cane-Do have many reasons for their interest in this and other martial art styles. Some are drawn to the physical fitness and weight-loss aspects of training. Others seek to add discipline and self control to their lives. While still others are concerned about safety and self-defense. The BLIND FURY CANE-DO Self Defense System is FREE to the Vision Impaired and developed just for the vision impaired (the training is specific to the needs of the vision impaired). Blind Fury Cane-Do is reality based personal self protection.

Whether you are interested in our program for mental or physical well being, BLIND FURY CANE-DO offers specialized training that will fit your developmental needs. Click here to view our Weekly Class Schedule.

Blind Fury Cane-Do Self Defense For The Vision Impaired

The real problem of blindness is not the loss of eyesight. The real problem is the misunderstanding and lack of information that exist. If a blind person has proper training and opportunity, blindness can be reduced to a physical nuisance. This is where Blind Fury Cane-Do comes in! Putting the can do, in every day living!

The Blind Fury Cane-Do teaches Cane Weaponry to the Visually Impaired, for self protection. Helping to build inner vision, character, self esteem, confidence and giving the student the ability to not be fearful of society and to live and cope better with their vision impairment. Many times Instructor Corrales has said maybe we should chnage the name to Blind Fury CAN DO, because he says "if you focus your mind, your body and your heart on something, you CAN DO anything!". We don't teach you to fight, we teach you to prevail in life! Get out and enjoy life!

Blind Fury Cane-Do- specialized self defense martial art developed for the Vision Impaired.

The Cane: Practical and Legal Self Defense for Today's World!

The cane has been a part of the martial arts since ancient times. In the hands of a trained practitioner it can be the most formidable of ALL the self defense tools. Mostly associated with the martial art of Hapkido, the cane had fallen into obscurity in the martial arts world. With the help of American cane pioneers such as Grand Cane Master (GCM)(Soke) Dave Mcneil of Goju-Shorei Weapons and Member of the Martial Arts Hall of Fame, the cane has been brought to the "limelight" at an international level but especially in the United States. The cane is the ONLY legal self defense tool you can carry anywhere. It is easy to learn, and anyone can become proficient in its use. It is common for martial artists to practice weapons such as the nunchaku, bo, sai etc. While there is value to training with weapons, it makes even more sense to train with one that you can legally carry with you at all times.

Thank you with much respect for support and assisting:Goju Shorei Grand Cane Master (Soke) Dave McNeill, American Cane Masters Mark Shuey, Cane-Do Kai U.S.A- Master Joe Robaina

What Is Blind Fury Cane-Do?

Cane-Do translates into "the association for the way of the cane." Cane-Do, "the way of the cane", is a martial art developed by various martial arts masters including Master Joe Robaina, Master Mark Shuey and Cane Master Dave Mcneill, one of my key advisors. Blind Fury cane-Do was developed by Chief Instructor Larry Corrales, a seasoned martial artist in various traditional martial arts including weapons. Blind Fury Cane-Do is customized for teaching blind or partially blind people self defense, self confidence, exercise using the cane and coping skills. Many times Instructor Corrales has said maybe we should call it Blind Fury CAN DO, because he says "if you can focus your mind, your body and your heart into something, you CAN DO anything!" This martial art revolves around the use of the cane as a self defense, personal fitness, and healing art. Larry Corrales, being legally blind himself, saw the need to help the vision imppaired and developed Blind Fury Cane-Do to teach those with vision issues, methods on how to cope more with thier vision loss, protect themselves with the cane, increase exercise activity and also build self confidence. Living in todays society is not easy, now lets add vision loss or impairment to the equation. Mr. Corrales has experienced and has seen an increase in attacks on those persons that are blind or partially blind and he wanted to start a curriculum of self protection designed especially for those with a vision handicap. Mr. Corrales invisioned the need for self protection using the cane specifically for the vision impaired. While the components of Cane Weaponry can also be found in other cane systems and martial arts, Blind Fury Cane-Do is unique in that it teaches the Blind or Partially Blind Person how to use their white cane or hooked cane in self defense and also a great exercise program. Also taught is the hand-to-hand interpretations of the cane techniques to make for a complete martial art. Many practitioners of other styles are surprised to learn of the vast variety of hand to hand techniques taught in the system. However, they all stem from the principles of cane self defense. In this sense Blind Fury Cane-Do is a throw-back to the times when the samurai's major art was the sword. Their hand to hand techniques where based on the sword principles. Blind Fury Cane-Do offers the student integration of mind and body in self defense, personal fitness, and healing. It is based on three tenents: courage, love, and patience. Through diligent and sincere training in Blind Fury Cane-Do the student gains a greater understanding and appreciation for these tenents.>

Components of Blind Fury Cane-Do Training

Blind Fury Cane-Do is composed of physical training consisting of stretching and conditioning, self defense including striking, kicking, locking, throwing and grappling against all forms of attacks including the hand-to-hand interpretations. Forms training and safe sparring with sparring canes and protective equipment are also a part of the system. Mental training consists of mind clearing and breathing exercises to quiet the mind. Finally, the result of the physical and mental training leads to the forging of the spirit. Additionally, healing techniques and topics on exercise and proper diet are also taught. Why is Blind Fury Cane-Do Training Specialized?

Because of the limitations of sight for those with vision loss, this self defense program has to be taught a certain way so that the correct amount of training is given and safety is promoted.

Why did Larry Corrales Develop The Blind Fury Cane-Do Program?

Being legally blind himself, Larry decided to be proactive in applying his knowledge of Martial Arts to help those with low to no vision in self defense and maybe also create more freedom for those with any form of blindness that want to be able to protect themselves and live a more open life without fear of physical attacks. Larry Corrales has been in traditional martial arts since he was eight years old and holds belts in various martial arts of self defense and was also an instructor when he was serving our country in the United States Air Force for more than 5 years and is a highly decorated veteran. Larry Corrales is a survivor and while serving in the U.S. Air Force Special OPS, Larry broke his neck in 1986 and was paralyzed for a period of time. Through inner drive and the never give up attitude, faith in God, prayer, meditation training, and martial science acupuncture and acupressure (Larry was trained in traditional martial arts), Larry over came that obstacle and proved the doctors wrong and healed. Through the years Larry continued to inspire people with his story of survival and how they too, can over come life’s challenges. In 2006, once again the challenge presented itself and Larry was diagnosed with a brain tumor in November 2006. In January 2007 Larry had brain surgery to extract this dangerous brain tumor and in the process Larry lost his eye sight completely and was told he would be blind for the rest of his life. Due to complications in surgery Larry suffered an optic nerve stroke. As his wife remembers Larry was very calm right out of surgery and was aware of the problem and calmly asked the 40 or so friends and family in the waiting room to pray and then he asked the Brain Surgeon and staff to do whatever it takes to get his eye sight back. Although the doctors fealt no eye sight would recover, Larry regained a bit of his vision in small specs in a week and today has partial vision and is still in recovery of more vision through positive thinking, meditation, strong Faith in God and the support of his wonderful wife.

Blind Fury Cane-Do was formed because of challenges that he and other vision impaired people have had to endure when living in todays society. Developed to help and inspire those that need an inner vision of self, to live a free’re life knowing they can protect themselves and to no longer be a target. Larry has stated that, “he sees more now with his heart, than he has ever seen when he had full sight”. Mr. Corrales wishes to keep the smile in life going and to just keep on keeping on. He says, “If life gives you lemons, then lets make lemonade” A true master in his own right.

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